Together we will redefine the way classroom activity is reported, analyzed and utilized.

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Real Time Reporting

It takes only seconds for a teacher to use their tablet or smart phone to report all student behavior. Create instant charts and graphs for administrators and teachers to use, create solutions! Plus filter and print reports based on your specific needs.


Having a school-wide system helps to cultivate more reliable data. Students who make great choices can easily be identified; and students who begin the day with poor behavior, can immediately be assisted.


When teachers are provided with reliable data, they can create solutions to better their classroom. TRAIN allows teachers to handle reporting seamlessly throughout the day, so they can focus on teaching and planning, and not tedious paper work.

Urgent Notifications

Teachers can quickly send an 'urgent' message to administration. Administration can customize the notifications to fit their needs. Sending an Urgent report can be done in a matter of seconds; and situations are handled both discretely and efficiently.