Easily Report Classroom Activity

Teachers can easily select a student on their roster, and create a report in just a few clicks. All information is stored and sent to administration, and can be accessed by teachers when needed.

Attach Notes & Photos

Each behavioral report has ability to attach notes or photos. This information is stored for detailed reports that can be utilized for planning or parent conferences.

Report The Good & Needs Improvement

Students who often go unrecognized for making great choices, can rapidly be identified with how easy TRAIN makes it for teachers to send reports.

Urgent Reporting

Teachers and staff can immediately send a direct 'urgent' message to administration, regardless of their location. This allows for situations to be handled both discretely and efficiently.

School Wide Data & Reporting

The data goes beyond the classroom. Reports can be filtered by grade, department, classroom and student, to compare and analyze situations, to implement effective solutions.

Made For Educators by Educators

TRAIN is backed by educators that understand the challenge of increasing student achievement, while being affected by behavioral issues.

SIS Integration

Save time and extend the capabilities of the data in TRAIN with direct integrations to the student information systems you already use. Looking for a specific integration? Contact one of our specialists to find out if the system your school uses is already included.